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July 23, 2021


  • Special Guest Performances
  • Spectacular Opening Number
  • 2021 National Title Finalists
  • 2021 Critics’ Choice Finalists
  • 2021 Entertainment Award Finalists


Michael-Demby Cain and the judges bring the audience 
to their feet with their Gala Opening Number.

What a GREAT Opportunity!
Come see all the top scoring entries from the Finals vie for National Critics’ Choice Awards, Entertainment Awards and National Title Awards!


The Battle of the Best!

  • The top 5 high score entries (groups and larger) in each of the 5 ages divisions –Prep, Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior – will perform again at the Gala, competing for National Critics’ Choice Awards. (Minimum 20 entries per age division needed to warrant a Critics’ Choice Award.)
  • Each studio is eligible to compete only one entry in each of the 5 age divisions.
  • National Critics’ Choice Awards and Entertainment Awards will be based solely on the Gala performances. The decision of the Gala judges is final.
  • The top 3 Title finalists (male & female) in each of the 4 age divisions will perform at the Gala, competing for ONSTAGE NEW YORK 2019 National Titles.

Will be able to be purchased individually by parents and families beginning the first day of Nationals, at the registration desk for $30.00 per ticket. Regional TITLE WINNERS can purchase up to 2 tickets in the preferred seating section. Registered Teachers will be able to purchase tickets in the reserved Teacher seating area. Any complimentary studio tickets (earned based on criteria below) will be handled by Onstage NY.

Studio Comp Fees of $1000+ 2 free tickets
Studio Comp Fees of $3000+ 4 free tickets
Studio Comp Fees of $5000+ 6 free tickets

National Prep Critics’ Choice    $2500
National Mini Critics’ Choice     $2500
National Junior Critics’ Choice  $2500
National Teen Critics’ Choice    $2500
National Senior Critics’ Choice  $2500


NEW FOR 2021 NO Pre-qualification Necessary!